canopy, tent, white canopy, white, tent, 20x20 canopy, big canopy
canopy, tent, white canopy, white, tent, 20x20 canopy, big canopy
canopy, tent, white canopy, white, tent, 20x20 canopy, big canopy
canopy, tent, white canopy, white, tent, 20x20 canopy, big canopy

About Mannys Party Rentals
in El Monte

Mannys Party Rentals in El monte started with 2 Jumpers and enough tables and chairs for 2 small packages. The items where bought from another business that was gong out of business and advertising was done on craigslist. The items I first started with where not in the best condition and at times I was embarrassed to rent the items out. I stayed on it and started adding more inventory to my business. After I had about 4 jumpers and some canopies I decided, I didn't want to use old jumpers anymore so I sold all my old items and invested in all new jumpers. Since then I have not bought used items and I try my best to keep all my party rental equipment clean and looking good. Now I have alot of items to offer my customers. Things are going good and I will never forget it is all thanks to you, the customers that keep coming back and the new customers that I am always willing to help

Hi This is Manny I just want to let my customers know that I really do appreciate your business. I know there are alot of party rental businesses out ther and I appreciate you choosing to go with me. I want to let you all know that I try my best to make sure I have good rentals for you. I  try my best to keep my Jumpers , Canopies , Tables and Chair Rentals looking clean and new. I also take being on time to make your drop off very seriously I myself have rented in the past and I know partys are very stressful at times. The last problem you want to have is the jumper guy showing up late or believe it or not sometimes them not showing up at all. I just want you to know that you could feel confident that I will never do that to you if I can help it. Once again thank you all

Mannys Party Rentals #1 goal is GREAT customer service.
We know that we are were we are because of you the customers that keep coming back and the new customers we are always willing to help. We strive to give you the smoothest and most effortless experience possible and we will try everything within our capabilities to make sure that happens for you.


Mannys Party Rentals
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Contact Mannys Party Rentals To Make Your Child's Birthday Party Exceptional

If you are living in El Monte, and you are planning for a birthday party, you should consider renting items for your outdoor activities. If you are doing this during the summer, it's important to have plenty of tables, chairs and canopies for people to sit under in the backyard area. Additionally, you should also plan to have fun filled activities for the kids which could include a bounce house or even a waterslide. Both of these items will allow them to not only keep cool while they are there, but have the most fun possible at your child's birthday party. Here is a quick overview of Mannys Party Rentals and why you should consider using them for an up-and-coming birthday party that you are planning.

How To Make Your Child's Birthday Party A Success

One of the best ways to make your child's birthday party a success is to rent a bounce house. This is a fantastic way for kids to have fun outside. Although they may want to do activities in the interior of the home, if it's a beautiful day, there is no better place to be than outside in a bounce house. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to contact a company that is able to provide you with this type of activity. Another way that you can make it fun is to keep everyone wet which can be done with a giant waterslide. In addition to this, you need to have plenty of tables, chairs, and even a canopy over the tables where people can sit if they need a break from being in the sun. That's why so many people in El Monte contact Mannys Party Rentals for all of these different products. This take a look at each one of them to clearly show you why these will add so much to your kids birthday party.

Why You Should Get A Bounce House

The primary reason for getting a bounce house rental is that it can provide hours of entertainment for the kids that will be there. They will come in different sizes and shapes, mimicking the appearance of castles, allowing kids to really run wild with their imagination. There are both small and large models that are going to accommodate parties of all different sizes. They are perfectly safe, allowing kids to jump around without getting hurt in this fun filled enclosed area. It's going to allow them to burn off all of that energy that they will have from being excited, as well as all of the sugar that they will get from the birthday cake and ice cream. These are all reasons why you should consider having a bounce house at your kid's birthday party, but you should also consider getting a waterslide.

The Benefits Of Having A Waterslide At A Birthday Party

The primary benefit of having a waterslide rental at a kids birthday party is that is going to keep everyone cool. This is assuming that you are having the party during the warmer months, and it's going to be something that the children will enjoy. Perhaps you are just planning a regular get together, allowing some of the neighbor kids to come over to have fun with your children, this can also be something that they will enjoy doing. Waterslides that are available from this company come in single and double models, and they are also attached to a bounce house on some of them. Either way, when you have the ability to provide them with a waterslide that they can go up and down for hours, you are going to create a very memorable moment in their lives, all for a very affordable price.

What You Will Find On Mannys Party Rentals Website

When you get to their website, you are going to see that they have virtually everything that you could possibly need to have a successful birthday party. You will immediately be introduced to some of the items that they have which will include bounce houses, canopies and chairs. You will be able to go through their website and see all of their jumper rentals. Some of these include the Kings Castle Jumper which is 14 x 20 in size and has plenty of room for kids to go in and out without running into each other. One of the more popular items is the Red and Blue Castle Jumper. Although it is similar in size and construction to the others, the primary colors are very inviting. All of these are reasonably priced, and if you would prefer just having jumpers, you can rent one or more of them without any problems. As long as you are calling them several weeks before the event, they should have the exact model you are looking for. Additionally, you are going to see the waterslide rentals, and those that are attached to the jumpers. Another popular item that people love to rent is the Big Slide Combo Jumper. This is a whopping 35 feet in length, 18 feet wide, and can accommodate 10 or more kids without any problems. They will get moving at a great speed as they come down the slide, landing into the little kiddie pool. They also have the Double Slide Combo Jumper which is not quite as long, but it allows more kids to go down because there are two slides that lead into a larger kiddie pool area.

How Do You Go About Renting Items?

You can do this by simply calling them on the phone to talk about dates, and also the different items that they have for rent. If you have a specific day that you would like to rent this equipment on, and you are calling a couple weeks in advance, it shouldn't be a problem to get exactly what you need. This will make it easy for you to provide all of the entertainment for the party once the kids have sung happy birthday to your child. However, in order to do this, you will also need to have a proper amount of tables and chairs that can accommodate everyone.

Canopies Tables And Chairs From Mannys Party Rentals

If you haven't rented chairs or tables for this festive event, you can rent them from this company as well. They will have long rectangular tables which can seat up to eight people, and all of the folding chairs that you will need. As an added benefit, they also provide canopies which are perfect for these hot summer days. While kids are getting cooled off on the slide, they can come into get snacks and drinks on tables that will be covered by these canopies making their stay as pleasant as possible.

What If You Want To Buy Your Own?

For people that would prefer to actually own a jumper or waterslide, this company is constantly upgrading all of the things that they have. You are able to contact this business to ask about different items that they are selling because they have upgraded to something new. You can get excellent discounts on all of these products, allowing you to provide entertainment for your kids on a weekly basis without having to rent it. For example, you can get a mini combo fun house that will have a dry and wet side which is perfect for little kids. This is just one example of the many different items that they will have for sale that you may want to invest in so that your kids can have fun on a regular basis.

How To Make Sure You Get The Items That You Want

To make sure that you do get the exact rental that you are looking for, it is so important to contact this business at least two or three weeks before you actually need to have this delivered and set up. If you are calling a few days before the party, it is unlikely that they are going to have the exact jumper or waterslide that you want, so always remember to contact them early. In fact, if it is possible to contact them a month or two in advance, this is probably the best decision to make. Once it is scheduled, you will know that you are creating a perfect setting for your kids when they have their birthday party.

How To Make Sure Your Birthday Party Is A Success

As you are planning this party, you need to consider many different things before you actually make the call. Of course, you want to provide your children with an excellent time, but you also have to consider the amount of space that you have available. There is also the consideration of how much it will cost, and how many kids are going to be there. All of these factors must be considered before you decide to rent any of these items that will make this birthday party a success.

How To Plan For A Larger Crowd

There are two ways that you can make sure that you are going to have enough accommodations for the kids and adults that are going to be in attendance. First of all, after you have received RSVPs from the different parents, you can then decide on which rentals will be necessary. First of all, you need to make sure that you have plenty of tables and chairs, and select the best tables for the occasion. It is highly recommended that you get a couple round tables where small groups can said, and at least two or three rectangular tables so that everybody can sit to sing happy birthday and also eat the cake and ice cream. Additionally, you will want to get at least two of the rentals that kids can play on. Large crowds will require at least one bounce house, and one waterslide, allowing people to not consistently run into each other.

How Long Will It Take Them To Set Up Everything?

This business will be able to set up everything in about an hour, sometimes less, depending upon how many things that you have rented. They will set up all of the tables and chairs, and the canopies that will be over the tables, making sure that they are in the locations that you ask. Additionally, they will set up the bounce house and waterslide that you have rented, positioning them so that it is easily accessible and safe for the kids. By having them come at least 90 minutes before the party, this will give them plenty of time to set up everything so that it will be ready for the party.

How To Save Money When You Are Renting These Items

If you are on a budget, one of the easiest ways to save money is to choose items that are actually serving a dual purpose. Instead of getting one bounce house, and one waterslide, you might want to consider the bounce house waterslide combos. Additionally, if you are going to have several parties this summer, it might be in your best interest to look at the different ones that they are selling right now. You can still rent from them, but it might be beneficial to actually own a bounce house or waterslide that you can use on these different occasions.

Mannys Party Rentals is an exceptional company in the San Gabriel Valley that you should certainly consider contacting the next time you plan for a kids birthday party. They will provide you with jump houses, waterslides, and the chairs and tables that you will need in order to accommodate all of the kids that will be there. Also consider renting a canopy or tent so that everything is covered, and that people can sit in the shade apart from the sun. All of these things are available from Mannys Party Rentals for affordable prices. Give them a call today if you would like to give your kids the best birthday party ever. We serve the following areas: 91770, 91771, 91772, 91776, 91706, 91706, 91732, 91746, 91731, 91732, 91733, 91734, 91735, 91780. 
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